COVID-19, Limited Supplies & What This Means For You

Hey to all of our Navi Brand friends out there!

We know everyone has been affected by COVID-19 in some way shape or form. We have been doing good, but we have been affected by COVID. Some of our partners that we go to for supplies have seen limited supply being produced; which means it's harder for us to get exactly what we need, or it takes longer for us to get what we need.

So what does that mean?

  • It means some items may be delayed until we get our supplies fulfilled from our partners
  • It means our packaging may look a little different (still sustainable, and eco-friendly)
  • If we happen to be out of stock on an item that you need, then reach out to us (over social media, or through our website)
  • We also have gift cards available for purchase so if you were planning on getting a gift for someone and the item is out of stock. Gift cards are an excellent gift and it never expires.

We are very hopeful that everything will return back to normal, and we will have an abundance of the products that you love. However, through this time, you can expect to get the same great products with the same quality and love from us at The Navi Brand!

As always,

You Are Seen!

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