Single French Green Clay - Clearance item 50% off!!

Single French Green Clay - Clearance item 50% off!!

The Navi Brand
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The Navi Brand - 100% French Green Clay


*For all skin types*  


Rich in trace minerals such as zinc, copper, phosphorus and many more, this French Green Clay is a full body beauty product. It is most preferably used as a face mask but can also be used in detox baths, foot soaks, and armpit detox. Its rich green color is made up of decomposed plant materials that have gone through cycles of nature. It is beneficial in removing toxins from your face and body while cleansing and exfoliating. It is known to heal skin and clear blemishes with consistent usage. You can use this clay as a mask every day or every other day for best results. Mix the mask using Apple Cider Vinegar/water ratio twice or three times during the week for a more invigorating experience. Mixing with filtered water only on the opposite days is best.

  Detox baths can be taken up to three times weekly, foot detox, three times weekly and armpit detox, three times weekly!  For best results, moisturize immediately after with @thenavibrand face and body lotion! 


How to use: 

 Add French Green Clay into a glass bowl and add desired amount of filtered water or Apple Cider Vinegar with some water to form a paste. (Never use metal bowls or spoons when making a clay mask) If using ACV, dilute with filtered water then add to clay and stir to form a paste. Apply mixture to face, allow it to dry, then immediately massage it off with warm water using your hands or soft cloth that can be stained. Apply your moisturizer immediately and gently rub in for several minutes to achieved the finished glowy look! 

For a warm detox bath, mix two tablespoons of clay to one cup of epsom salts and add to bath water and enjoy a relaxing, spa-like experience!

For an armpit detox, use the same recipe as you would for the face mask. Apply to cleansed armpits and  with arms lifted above your head, put on some relaxation music and meditate for 10 to 15 minutes until dried then rinse off, pat dry and apply clean deodrant! 

To use as a foot detox, form a paste by adding a tablespoon of clay and and one half tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass bowl and form a paste. Rub all over the tops and bottoms of feet and allow to dry firmly. Rinse with warm water and massage @thenavibrand face and body lotion immediately after. This can also promote a great night's sleep!

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