About Us

 The Navi Brand 

'Your creativity helps others unlock theirs'

🌱Do you keep asking yourself what you are good at? What are you passionate about? If that answer is yes, that means you are building your foundation upon your creative outlet. Those thoughts are tiny seeds, desiring to be cultivated and then released through the uniqueness of your personal self. Something has your name on it. Dare to dream! 

🌱About me: ! I am Nora, 35 years old and ready to birth my firstborn. I spent the past five years as a professional nanny, married a wonderful man who had a 13 year old son and suddenly  became a family of three after one year of dating. My desire to be a stay at home Mom intensified after building upon our family culture so it was time to dream! What am I good at? What am I passionate about? There were several different outlets my mind would cultivate and I kept coming up to this one thing; creating a raw and organic, multipurpose, face lotion. I went for it! Climate activists, health and beauty supporters and  plant based lifestyle values just simply fell right into alignment with this production. I would not compromise what I believed in while formulating this product. It had to align! And it did. 9 months later, I sit back and smile and see that all I created was good. Come with me. Come join me. Let's do it together. 

🌱 My mission will be testifying that putting clean oils and butters from the earth directly on to your skin will be one of the best long term investments you could ever make. As the largest organ of the human body, it deserves great care. While you may see sudden results with the latest anti-aging, 'oil free' synthetic beauty product, your skin was not created to carry the weight of these toxic products long term. My goal is to help raise greater levels of awareness in this area and if you are ready to give your skin the treatment it deserves, I'm here with you. You are seen!